-Dr Robb Fishman

Pittsburgh, PA
October 10, 2019

3 years ago I became a client of Regenesis HRT. Since then I have seen amazing gains. As a chiropractor(30 years) I whole hardly recommend RHRT for several reasons. The main reason is keeping your hormone levels in balance. A good Balanced thyroid allows the body to work in harmony with the entire body naturally.

I’m 56 now and feel better now than when I was in my thirtys. I’ve been a client of Regenesis HRT for 2 years now

ReGenesis was created to cater to busy Executives (men and women) who find themselves suffering, unnecessarily, from multiple signs and symptoms associated with low levels of the hormones necessary in order to function properly and feel emotionally and physically well.

We help men and women to optimize their performance, both at home and at work, through Hormone Replacement Therapy, using a custom blend – created for each individual, and based from the recommendations of laboratory testing and our licensed medical staff.

ReGenesis utilizes bioidentical hormones to help each patient regain healthy hormone levels.

ReGenesis works with licensed medical professionals, who are educated and experienced in the science of hormone replacement therapy. Through testing and consultation, ReGenesis can create a custom blend used for each individual’s hormone replacement (HRT) regimen.

I am a rep and can answer any questions and get you scheduled to see our Doctor.

Dr Dennis Coutney


Dr Robb Fishman