At Regenesis HRT under the direction of our Medical Doctor, Dr. Dennis Courtney launched Stem Cell Solutions of America in 2016.

At Stem Cell Solutions of America, we believe in protecting human life. This means two things. First, no embryonic cells or human fetuses serve as the source of our therapies. Growing medical advances prove that the human umbilical cord contains the richest source of stem cells.

Our stem cells are obtained from screened donors. These donors are healthy mothers who are screened for prenatal nutrition and communicable diseases, have scheduled C-section births, and pass the examination of a medical record. Following a successful and healthy birth, the immune-privileged cells within the umbilical cord are aseptically harvested and sent to the processing facility to be processed for treatments.

The second part of protecting human life is our value to protect the quality of your life. Stem cell therapy provides the ability to naturally heal your body in a way that is non-invasive and more permanent than surgery and pills. If you knew you could restore someone’s life, return their health, and heal their body, would you?

The Ethical Stem Cell Therapy Solution

How’s stem cell therapy done? Did you know that after the age of 20, your stem cell population drop off so considerably; that by the time you’re 50’s and up, you have virtually no stem cell at all?

Dr. Dennis Courtney has a passion for teaching and informing. He is excited to help people learn the truth about their health options and “lose their vulnerability” to stem cell misinformation.

According to Dennis, every single one of us has stem cells in our bodies. There are over 600 stem cell clinics in the USA and about 99.9% of these clinics use autologous stem cells. An Autologous stem cell means that the stem cell is coming from a person and is giving it back to that same person. Thus, the individual, in other words, is both the donor and recipient of the cell.

“There are two observations can be made, to sum up the current stem cell climate in the USA: 1. The public is confused about stem cells and doesn’t know it. 2. The medical profession is equally confused and does know it.”

-Dr. Dennis Courtney

The Autologous Stem Cell
There are three body fluids that are used to be the donor source for the autologous cell.

Blood: The procedure is referred to as platelet-rich plasma

Fats: This is the most-used source to harvest stem cell from

Bone-marrow: This is rarely done as an office procedure but rather reserved for as a hospital procedure.

Dr. Courtney has two specialties: First, his eye program. Dennis helps eye patients whose case seem to be incurable. He recovers their vision without using surgery. Dr. Courtney also specializes in stem cell therapies. He was the first to use stem cells in the treatment of eye disease in the U.S. “My intention is to provide you with the hopes and aspirations concerning your eye disease that your eye doctor has never been able to discuss with you.”

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