ReGenesis HRT is fantastic. I highly recommend it. I’ve been a patient for a few years now, and I can honestly say that since I started, I feel like a new man. I generally just feel better as a whole, I have more energy, I’m not tired all the time, and my relations with my girl have increased dramatically, which she loves as well. Aside from a little extra weight around my waist, which is totally due to my poor eating habits, I feel that I am in better shape now at 51 than I was in my 30s. Any time I have had any questions or concerns, Trevor was always able to provide me with an answer. He is a wealth of knowledge, and just a great guy to deal with as my liaison with ReGenesis. I am glad that I discovered ReGenesis as it has definitely improved my life, and will continue to be a happy customer.

- Brian J. Pittsburgh, PA

I have been dealing with ReGenesis HRT now for almost a year and can't say enough about the staff and the careful and dedicated therapy they offer. I have been on Testosterone therapy and feel great and have so much more energy and my libido is crazy for my age. Very pleased and their knowledge is what is great. My own doctor knew very little about what they do and Testosterone.

- Jack O. Pittsburgh, PA

So glad I decided to go with Regenesis. Pricing is excellent with no hidden fees or charges. More included than I even expected. Dr Courtney was easy to talk to and was a comfortable experience unlike other doctors. The whole staff is excellent and very knowledgeable. If you have a question they have an answer. I’ve dealt with Marc, Matt and Denny. And what’s nice is they communicate so they are all aware of your treatment and therapies. So if one of them isn’t there , you always have someone to talk to. I feel great since starting my therapy and I will continue to use them. Would recommend to anyone !

- Jeff D. Pittsburgh, PA

I have to say if it wasn’t for Matt and Dr, Courtney I would not have got to where I am today. Absolutely worth it!!!!!! Has changed me I am no longer tired and overweight!!! I wouldn’t think twice about doing this take my advice you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! I spent years going to my PCP and got no where, this is life changing!! The cost basically is like going out for one meal a week so what is your health worth to you!

- Edward E Pittsburgh, PA

Matt is absolutely incredible. Staff is very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Very excited to move forward and continue my journey with the team!

- Jack L. Pittsburgh, PA

This is the place to go for true, respectful, professional care and treatment. I have been under the care of ReGenesis, (Dr. Courtney), and Marc for over a year now due to some hormone declining issues, and could not be more thankful to have been connected with them. The customer service is top notch! The care and treatment provided by the knowledgeable staff is unbeatable. I was excited to see a supplement line started by ReGenesis. I look forward to what else ReGenesis will be providing in the future.

- S. Pittsburgh, PA

After seeing the same doctor for years my fiancé recommended Dr Courtney for a second opinion regarding issues I’ve been having with my thyroid and hormones. I’m so glad I took his advice because at 53 I feel like I did in my 30’s! I’ve never felt better. I highly recommend talking with Matt Cestra. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and he’s always on top of the latest anti-aging, hormone replacement therapies plus a whole lot more. Thank You Matt and Dr Courtney for making me feel and look as good at 53 as I did at 33!

- Mia S. Pittsburgh, PA

I could make this quite lengthy..but I'll keep it short. 100% LIFE CHANGING!!! Regenesis and Matt took me from an out of shape low t 37 year old and took me back in time as I now feel 18 again!!! Feel great look great and quality of life is better than it ever has been!! Its helped make me a better father and strengthen my marriage as well!! They truly care about you and can work miracles!! I just cannot say enough!!

- John V. Pittsburgh, PA

Matt has gone above and beyond to help identify health issues and ensure proper treatment. Great guy!

- Whaley C. Pittsburgh, PA

Dr Courtney was very nice and knowledgable!

Rhonda S Pittsburgh, PA

Great company. Highly recommend.

- Rocket C. Pittsburgh, PA

When I was around 45 years I noticed I was no longer feeling like my old self. It took me a year to finally get up the courage see a doctor. I went to my PCP and he had little idea what to do. I brought up the subject again the following year during my routine physical. Again, not much of an idea what to do. I did the routine blood panels and my test results were not terrible but borderline and not improving.

I decided to get proactive and I consulted my urologist and he had little to offer as well. I decided to contact an endocrinologist to see if this was a bigger problem than I suspected. Again, little to no results. I put this on the back burner for another year because I couldn’t find anyone that could help. I was feeling worse every year. Mind you, I spent alot of money, time and energy to get better and was very frustrated.

I decided to see a hormone specialist who did help me but sort of stumbled upon a few peptides that did help my hypothalamus and pituitary and I did feel better, however, the results were not long lasting.

It wasn’t until I reached out to ReGenesis HRT that I finally found the right doctor and personnel to address my issues. I first saw Dr. Courtney in July of 2016. Matt Cestra has been my contact at Regenesis HRT since day one.

I could not be happier with the results. I am now 52 and have had the best year of my life. This group literally saved my life. I had thyroid and hormone issues. Once these were addressed I began to feel better. It wasn’t overnight because my issues were slightly more complicated than some others who may seek out ReGenesis HRT for help. However, this team of professionals kept working with me and asking how I felt and offered many suggestions. We kept trying differing approaches until we found the right combination. The results are spectacular.

I am 52 and have the energy to hit the gym 6 days per week. I weight 193 – down from the mid 220’s, vascular and muscular. No one thinks I am 52 and I look better than I did in my 30’s. Strength is tremendous for a man my age. My cardiovascular capacity has greatly improved. I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Courtney and Matt Cestra. These guys are absolutely the best. I would recommend them to you. Matt is very caring, understanding and compassionate. Matt is always a text message away. You will not find anyone with more knowledge on the issues men face as they age than Matt. It was Matt who turned my life around. Matt was very patient and always supportive. I am now living life again and to it’s fullest. The future is bright with ReGenesis HRT on my side. Don’t wait a year to make a difference in your life like I did. Get proactive and call Matt. You’ll be so glad you did.



ReGenesisHRT has literally changed my life in a dramatic fashion. I’m a 45 year old man. Somewhere around 40, I started to lose the things that made me viable. My body was turning to flab, and my spirits were low. I felt tired and my sex drive was significantly reduced. Honestly, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. Every time I took my shirt off I felt self conscious and emasculated. My former athlete’s body had been replaced with an old man’s body. I had become a shell of my former self. Approximately a year ago, I decided to change things. I made the decision to fight to regain the life I remembered. I contacted Matt at ReGenesis HRT. The entire medical staff was courteous, patient and knowledgeable. They explained that my symptoms were very common amongst men my age. They gave me relief and they gave me hope. In the past 12 months, I have found the fountain of youth. With careful Doctor’s care, a clean diet and some hard work, I have transformed my body into nearly solid muscle. My body composition has completely changed. My spirits are high, my moods are good, and my sex drive is in high gear. I’m 45 and I have six pack abs for the first time in my life. I weigh 170 lbs and I can bench press 250. For me, those are huge accomplishments. Now, when I take my shirt off at the pool, there’s no shame. In fact, I usually look better than most guys in their 20’s or 30’s. I cannot recommend ReGenesisHRT highly enough. ReGenesisHRT has helped me regain my life. I am bigger, stronger and more confident than ever before. Thank you ReGenesisHRT!

Heath from Grand Rapids, Michigan. (formerly from Pittsburgh)

-William S. Pittsburgh, PA

3 years ago I became a client of Regenesis HRT. Since then I have seen amazing gains. As a chiropractor(30 years) I whole hardly recommend RHRT for several reasons. The main reason is keeping your hormone levels in balance. A good Balanced thyroid allows the body to work in harmony with the entire body naturally.

I'm 56 now and feel better now than when I was in my thirtys. I've been a client of Regenesis HRT for 2 years now

ReGenesis was created to cater to busy Executives (men and women) who find themselves suffering, unnecessarily, from multiple signs and symptoms associated with low levels of the hormones necessary in order to function properly and feel emotionally and physically well.

We help men and women to optimize their performance, both at home and at work, through Hormone Replacement Therapy, using a custom blend – created for each individual, and based from the recommendations of laboratory testing and our licensed medical staff.

ReGenesis utilizes bioidentical hormones to help each patient regain healthy hormone levels.

ReGenesis works with licensed medical professionals, who are educated and experienced in the science of hormone replacement therapy. Through testing and consultation, ReGenesis can create a custom blend used for each individual’s hormone replacement (HRT) regimen.

I am a rep and can answer any questions and get you scheduled to see our Doctor.

Dr Dennis Coutney


Dr Robb Fishman

Pittsburgh, PA

I lost about 5 pounds in 13 weeks, which isn’t much weight, but dramatically changed my body composition. My goal was to keep me muscle and only burn fat. I used a combination of nutrition, supplements and exercise to achieve this change. The supplements I used were AOD for 8 weeks for 1x a day. I used BCAA’s for all 13 weeks and glutamine. I also used melanotan II for my tan. I ate 6 small meals a day with protein and complex carbs. I exercised 4 to 5 times a week and did about 20-30 minutes of fasted cardio about 2x a week.

Pittsburgh, PA

I'm not big on giving reviews. Having said that... Dennis, Dr. Courtney, Kim and the entire staff are fantastic. Highly recommend! Everything from the initial scheduling to bloodwork, to consult was seamless. I've only just started the therapy but so far, so good. In fact, I've scheduled for my girlfriend to have a consult as well! Communication is excellent and timely. Schedule your appointment today!

Pittsburgh, PA

Amazing place!!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

Matt has gone above and beyond to help identify health issues and ensure proper treatment. Great guy!

Pittsburgh, PA