What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card and we now offer Advanced Care Card. The Advanced Care Card is easy, just fill out the application online today! Get approved for 14 months NO INTEREST card, and IF, for some reason, you didn’t pay it off in 14 months, they only charge interest on the unpaid amount. Unlike […]

Are there any side effects from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Any hormone replacement therapy can have potential side effects that vary from patient to patient. Our Regenesis HRT doctors have vast experience in eliminating potential side effects and maximizing benefits. All patients are carefully monitored during and after therapy to head off any side effects. For a full list of possible side effects please visit […]

Where will my therapy medication come from?

We use licensed U.S. pharmacies that deliver the highest quality brand name and compound medications that comply with all state and federal regulations, delivered to your front door.

Why should I choose Regenesis HRT as opposed to other clinics?

We do not charge for initial bloodwork and we also do not charge for the physical exams with our physician when other clinics charge hundreds of dollars alone for an assessment. We know you have a choice when selecting a hormone replacement therapy. We have vast practical experience over many years and thousands of patients. […]