Trevor Benko

Trevor Benko is our nutraceutical supplement expert as well as one of our patient coordinators. He has nearly over a decade of experience in the sports supplement industry. He is a certified Personal Trainer with a certification in Hormones and Performance through ISSA. He has been involved in the health and fitness world his entire life and ultimately that is what he attributes to saving his life. In Trevors biography in his magazine he speaks on how he grew up in a tough, low income, where drugs were prevalent. He fell into that lifestyle, but was lucky to escape largely due to passion for weight training. He speaks on how he went through a lot of hard times over the years, but the loss of his son at 8 months along in him and his fiance first pregnancy was one of the toughest things he had to overcome. He was tempted to fall back into old habits and began to use drugs to numb the emotional pain, but quickly realized he had made a mistake. He began to get back into a routine in the gym and started working off the opiates. He said he had gotten news that they were having another baby and the due date was the same day his son had passed the yr. before. He realized this must have been for a reason and used it to overcome my addiction and start his own business. He his CEO of TGB Supplements, CEO of The Iron Forged Gym and Iron Forged Nutrition, as well as the host of the Anabolic Cartel Podcast and Publisher/founding editor of the Anabolic Cartel Magazine. It has been 8yrs since he first started his business and he his grateful for every day. He believes everything happens for a reason and tries to do my best every day to help those around him. When he was given the opportunity to work for Regenesis HRT Pittsburgh he said he immediately knew it was the right move. The satisfaction he got from helping others is what he enjoyed most about his position with Regenesis HRT. Trevor says he loves being able to help people feel better and get their quality of life back. Working for Regenesis HRT allows him to do that daily. He has patients that thank him every time they see him because they feel like they got their life back.