Matthew Cestra

With extensive experience in marketing, sales and pharmaceuticals Matthew along with Marc and Dr. Courtney founded Regenesis HRT in —– with the objective of applying his broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry to the growing market of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Before co-founding Regenesis HRT, Matt was Vice President of Marketing for the largest United States Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in the world. Matt noticed that the majority of “anti-aging” clinics were located in Florida, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. He had a vision to bring the latest trends in anti-aging healthcare to the Greater Pittsburgh area, offering men and women in this area the same cutting edge quality of care that is available only in the largest cities in the US, at a reasonable price versus the extravagant price that clinics in those large cities charge for the same products and services. Due to the apprehension of Physicians to diagnose and treat such health concerns as Low Testosterone, as a result of many years of the media sensationalizing and demonizing Testosterone Therapy for men, there was a large gap in appropriate treatment modalities for middle age men, suffering from the signs and symptoms of hormonal deficiencies. ReGenesis HRT specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of these hormonal deficiencies; thus, bringing men out of the “shadows,” and offering them alternatives to dangerous, underground/black market treatments that men commonly turn to in response to lack of understanding and empathy by their Primary Care Physicians.