Ginger Kutschbach

Ginger Kutschbach, mother, veteran, gold star widow and former athlete. Ginger is our patient coordinator as well as our nutrition and fitness coach. She has an extensive background in nutrition and fitness and has published several books on these topics. She has an Advanced Body Work degree, which is education on many different modalities used to achieve homeostasis in the body. With her extensive knowledge and experience Ginger is able to sit down with her patients and help customize plans that are specific to their needs and goals.

Ginger, as our patient coordinator and fitness/nutrition coach, takes the time to customize a plan that is unique to our patients and works for their lifestyle and schedule. She will then implement a fitness plan for you and help you along your journey to a new you. Coming in as our first female patient coordinator Ginger is excited to be helping our female patients with the therapies we have to offer. Not only has she been working for 10 years helping people transform physically when it comes to weight loss, muscle gains; she now is excited to be helping people with hormonal imbalance. If you are a very busy person and find it very hard to incorporate a workout or eating healthy Ginger is the one to speak to as she has a great deal of tips that will allow you the ability to balance your life and still reach your wellness goals.